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Fair. Capped supply. Immutable. No OA. No pre-mint.

XENDoge, born from the magical ashes of burned XEN on the Ethereum network, brings together kind-hearted Xenians from around the world in its heartfelt pursuit of providing much-needed support to animals in need.

For each 1000 XEN burned, you receive 1 XENDoge + Bonus

XENDoge Contract
XEN Contract

How it all began

XENDoge was first introduced to the world with this adorable tweet by Jack Levin. 😍

She was rescued by Jack Levin and was brought into his loving care.

XENDoge kept getting bigger...

And bigger! 💪


What is XENDoge?

XENDoge is an exciting Ethereum-based cryptocurrency that saves animals and burns XEN. Join us and make a difference! Early adopters enjoy lucrative bonuses when minting their XENDoge. Check out our litepaper for more information.

How do I get XENDoge?

XENDoge is created from the magical ashes of burned XEN. For every 1000 XEN you burn, you will receive 1 XENDoge + bonus. You will need Eth to pay for gas and XEN to burn. You can purchase XEN on Uniswap here. Once you have some ETH and XEN in your wallet, click the "Mint XENDoge" button above to approve the transaction, and then burn as much XEN as you like! Alternatively, you may purchase XENDoge from the market on Uniswap using the pink "Buy on Uniswap" button above.

What are the first principles of cryptocurrencies?

The first principles of crypto include fairness, transparency, no pre-mint, no team allocation, and no central authority. XENDoge adheres to all these principles.

Can users donate to animal welfare with XENDoge?

Yes, you can make optional donations to support animal welfare by including ETH in the same transaction as your XEN tokens during the burning process. All donations are sent to a multi-sig 4 of 5 wallet. Jack Levin and others from the XEN community are holders of the multi-sig wallet.

What is a multi-sig wallet?

A multi-sig wallet is a security feature that requires approval from a specified number of wallet holders before funds can be transferred or withdrawn. XENDoge uses a 4 of 5 multi-sig Gnosis wallet to securely hold and disburse funds to various deserving animal shelters.

What inspired the creation of XENDoge?

XENDoge was inspired by Jack Levin's rescued dog and his experience of providing a warm, loving home for his furry friend. We would love to give countless animals the same kind of love that Jack gave to his dog.

What is the XENDoge community's role in donation decision-making?

The XENDoge community actively participates in a collaborative decision-making process, evaluating and discussing various animal welfare organizations' merits, to determine the most deserving and impactful recipients for the generous donations.

What is the maximum supply of XENDoge?

The maximum supply of XENDoge is capped at 50 billion tokens. Once this limit is reached, the minting process will cease, and the only way tokens can be acquired is through the open market.

Will I be eligible for the XN airdrop by burning XENDoge?

Yes. XENDoge uses the burn function from the XEN smart contract so you will be eligible for the XN airdrop.